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How we help

  • Access our industrial talent network focused on high-retention candidates
  • Improve quality of fit across your organization with intelligent screening
  • Engage your workforce & measure progress to unlock powerful insights
  • Minimize unwanted attrition & get off the hiring hamster wheel
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Compare to legacy hiring solutions

Staffing agencies Job boards
Cost High Low Low
Effort Low High Low
Speed Fast Slow Fast
Relationship Through Agency Direct Hire Direct Hire

Our Candidate Network

Career growth
We help candidates enter the industrial workforce and build their skills

We're able to make a larger and more skilled pool of workers available to our employer partners by building the WorkStep network and working with training partners.

Better retention
Transparency and coaching drive hires who retain

When finding a job on WorkStep, every candidate understands all of the core details of a role upfront, and is guided throughout the process by a WorkStep coach

"I will be recommending WorkStep to anyone and everyone. WorkStep will be my go-to organization for finding a job in the future."
-Joseph L.'s 5-star review for WorkStep
"Very helpful—along the way [I] was able to text them any time and they got back to me immediately."
-Daniel H.'s 5-star review for WorkStep
"The simple interface make[s] it simple to use and understand. Thanks guys for your help in getting a foothold."
-Michael M.'s 5-star review for WorkStep
"Experience has been nothing but great. Jamie is wonderful and offers to help you whenever it is needed. I definitely recommend WorkStep when looking for work."
-Thomas T.'s 5-star review for WorkStep

Employer-Friendly Pricing

Free to try—only pay for hires who retain

No hidden fees or markups on wages

Save at least 75% vs. legacy agencies