Benchmarking hourly wage for Order Selectors in Portland

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At WorkStep, we have a unique vantage point into the market for Order Selectors in the Portland metro area. All told, on a monthly basis, WorkStep facilitates more warehouse direct hires than any individual employer in the region.

For better or worse, wage remains the number one factor driving applicant quality and quantity for these warehouse positions. In the tightening Portland labor market, it’s more important than ever to understand ‘market wage’ for these roles.

To generate our findings, we included only those roles whose primary function is picking orders within a warehouse or production environment. The figures below represent starting base hourly wage.

What is ‘market’ starting pay for a warehouse order selector?

  • Low: $11.25/hr
  • 25th percentile: $13.50/hr
  • 50th percentile: $14.75/hr
  • 75th percentile: $16.50/hr
  • High: $19.34/hr

This means that roughly ¼ companies are paying (or attempting to pay) $13.50/hr or less, half of companies are paying above $14.75/hr to start, and ¼ of companies are paying above $16.50/hr.

Screenshot 2017-11-02 16.09.44
A visual depiction of the Order Selector starting wage distribution in the Portland market

What does this mean for hiring managers?

In an average labor market, this would suggest that paying above the 50th percentile ($14.75/hr) should put your company in a competitive position for capturing the top half of the labor pool. Unfortunately for large employers, however, Portland is no average labor market.

Unemployment in the region is hovering under 4%, which means that it’s hard to find skilled warehouse job seekers (almost) no matter what the compensation.

In the above wage analysis, we ignored experience requirements, but will introduce them now for wage suggestions.

No Experience Required: If you’re willing to take on workers with limited or no warehouse experience, a starting wage of $14/hr or above should do the trick.

Order Picking Experience Required: If you’re only willing to consider applicants with demonstrated order picking experience: a starting wage of $16/hr or above will yield a decent candidate pool.

Final Thoughts:

At WorkStep, we’re willing to work with employers to source the highest quality candidates available, regardless of pay grade. Still, however, the quantity and caliber will be dependent on market forces dependent on the offered wage.

Additionally, because of access to internet job boards, employees are more aware than ever where ‘market wage’ stands for their job type. This means that, beyond thinking about what wage can attract qualified candidates, employers need to consider what wage will keep quality employees. If you’re having issues retaining your best employees, or attracting new ones, it might be time re-evaluate your wage schedule.

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