You Got an Interview: It’s Time to Plan!

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So you just got invited to an interview– score!!! Excitement seeps in, but then what? Maybe some dread, anxiety, questions, or other emotions. If anxiety is among the emotions you’re feeling, you’re definitely not alone. Many job seekers feel this way when heading into an unknown situation like an interview. Just think, some hiring managers might be nervous to meet you, too

Whether or not you’re feeling anxious, planning ahead can be helpful all around, so here’s some things to consider when scheduling and preparing for your interview.

Make sure you’re still interested

  • This may have been one of tens or even hundreds of jobs you applied for.  Make sure you still want to spend your time—and the hiring manager’s time!—carrying out the interview.  
    • Re-read the job description—is it what you’re looking for?
    • Is this the right shift for you?
    • Is their pay up to your standard?
    • Can you make it to your interview by car or public transit?

Tip: If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, withdraw your application or cancel your interview.  Being counted as a “cancel” with advance notice, rather than a “no show” will keep your options open if you decide you might want to re-apply for this job, or another job at the same company in the future.

Confirm you’re actually available to attend the interview

  • It may sound simple, but it’s becoming easier and easier to sign up for appointments online and accidentally click a wrong date or time.
  • Check the time(s) you want against your current schedule. Think ahead about your other commitments, be it your work, school, or babysitter schedule.
    • Can you get someone to cover for any of these conflicts?

Record the time and date of your interview once you schedule it

  • If you use a calendar, add it in!
    • This is especially important if you’re interviewing lots of places. You’ll want to be able to keep your interviews straight and make sure you can make them all or give advance warning to hiring managers if you need to reschedule or cancel.
  • If anything in your schedule or calendar changes, let the hiring manager know.  The more advance notice you give and communications you send, the better chance that you’ll be able to reschedule or be counted as a responsible applicant and respectful of the hiring manager’s time.

Through it all, remember the hard part—sending in your application—is over! The hiring manager is interested in bringing you in for a reason, so put your best foot forward to show how your past experience adds to your current and future interest in joining their company.

Stay tuned for the next installment in the WorkStep Interview Series…Preparing for your Interview!

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