Preparing for Your Interview!

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It’s the day before your interview…have you done all you can to help put your best foot forward?  Here are some tips to take your interview game to the next level

Get your resume in order 

  • Make sure your resume is up-to-date
  • Use spell check or have someone else do a quick read through
  • Print it out
  • If you don’t have a resume or access to a printer:
    • Gather the information about your previous employment (company, job title, dates worked, manager contact information) since some companies may have you fill out an application on-site
    • Look back at your original application — remember this is what the hiring manager saw when they decided to interview you
    • If you applied on WorkStep, you can view and print your profile to use as a resume

Get that interview outfit ready!

  • Think about the type of environment you’re headed into and what’s appropriate and professional (refer to the job description if you aren’t sure)
  • You may not need that full suit, but make sure you’re wearing clothes and shoes (closed-toe) that are presentable, comfortable, and give you the flexibility to jump in and show off any skills required for the job

Map your route out

  • How are you getting there: public transit or driving?
  • Plan to leave EARLY!  You never know when that bus is going to be delayed or a traffic jam will pop up on the freeway

Do your “homework” on the company

  • Take a look at the company’s website to make sure you know what the company does
    • Even if you only spend 5 minutes researching, you’ll be able to reference it during your interview 
    • Check out the “Careers” page, which can provide information on benefits (and other aspects of the job that might be important to you…and the company)

Think about the interview questions you might be asked

  • Learn from past interviews
    • Think about the types of questions you’ve been asked before and if there were any that caught you off guard.  Practice those hard ones first!
  • Practice!
    • Grab a family member or friend to practice, or jot down a few notes prior to the interview
  • Keep general interview questions in mind
    • How would you describe yourself — what are examples to represent this?
    • What’s important to you about working for this company?
    • What are examples of situations where you’ve had to solve a problem or conflict in past jobs?
    • What do you hope to gain or grow from working for this company?
  • Be specific
    • Examples or stories from past jobs can be helpful and memorable

You’re all prepared…so now just go and nail your interview to get that next job you’ve been waiting for! Check back soon for the last article in the WorkStep Interview Series…Tips for the Day of your Interview!

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The WorkStep team is always rooting for you, so be sure to reach out with any interview related questions!