Tips for the Day of your Interview!

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You’ve made it…interview day is here! Get ready to show the hiring manager why YOU are a great match for their position and company by following these tips

Show up and ON TIME!

  •  Hiring managers want to see that you can get to the job site on time (and often hold interviews during the shift they’re hiring for).
  • It’s Murphy’s Law…things always seem to come up on interview day, whether it’s a delayed bus, unexpected traffic, or your printer is suddenly out of paper.  Leave yourself a buffer so you can arrive on time (even better…early).
    • If you’re running late, let the hiring manager know by phone (or leave a message with reception).
      • Let WorkStep know. We can help you reschedule if you provide enough advance warning.

Now you’ve battled traffic or those other bus riders and arrived at your interview. Remember to breathe and be yourself!

At the Interview

  • Every personal interaction is a chance to represent yourself
    • Be politefrom the introduction to the receptionist to introducing yourself to everyone you come in contact with throughout your interview experience.
  •  Show who you are as a person
    • Hiring managers are assessing your fit as one of their future team members.  They want to know about your personality and values in addition to your skills and work experience.
  •  Answer and ASK questions
    • Asking questions shows hiring managers you’re engaged and interested in the specific role they’re hiring for.
    • This is also your chance to “interview” the employer to see whether this is the right job for you.
  • Get the business card or contact information from your interviewer or HR
    • You can follow-up with any questions about your interview or the application process.

After the Interview

  • Say “Thank You”
    • A simple email or call will do.  This shows your interest and gratitude for the interviewer’s time.  
  • Follow up to show your interest
    • Again, a simple email or call will do. If you’re not able to reach the hiring manager or interviewer directly, leave a message with reception.
  • Keep the hiring manager informed
    • If you’re taking another offer or are no longer interested, let the hiring manager know.  
    • Don’t burn any bridges during the interview processyou never know if the perfect role might open up at that company in the future. Being honest and open about other opportunities or the fit of the role may help out your future job seeking self. 

It’s time to rest easy knowing you’ve done all you can to nail your interview. Fingers crossed you’ll hear back soon and have some good news about the job!

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