How WorkStep helped me find a job

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Here at WorkStep, we have one goal: to help you take the next step in your career. For some people that means a new job or even a new industry. It can be intimidating to make the leap, but that’s why we’re here to help. Want to know how it works? We talked to Kenneth D. about his experience with WorkStep.

Q: Can you tell us what you’re doing now?

A: I was hired as a machine operator at Eagle Beverage. Before that I’d been in construction.

What made you want to change industries?

I was switching jobs. I was looking for something different where I wouldn’t have to travel to a different site every day. I wanted to show up at the same place every day. That’s when I came across WorkStep.

How did you hear about WorkStep?

I was searching for jobs and it just came up. And it seemed to be so much easier than other places. I could look at all the job info up front before I applied. When I had a question I texted Jamie and they got back to me. And then when I applied they sent me back a message saying: pick a day for the interview that’s convenient.

How did WorkStep help with your job search?

It was really helpful to see all the info up front like if you get paid weekly, what’s the hourly wage, and all the qualifications. And I knew exactly what they were looking to hire for, so if the job didn’t fit I could skip that one. No point in wasting anyone’s time. That was really nice and made things easier.

How do you like your new job?

I kind of wish I’d signed up for the day shift, since my grandkids are keeping me up, but other than that it’s going really well. I like the way they take the time to train you before they throw you on a machine and say here you go. Plus, I was looking for the benefits that you usually don’t get in construction. Here I’ll get benefits after 60 days.

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