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Welcome to WorkStep, the job network you’ve been searching for. At WorkStep, we’re all about the people we’re trying to help; your needs, your questions, your journey. We’re a career development platform, ready to point you in the right direction and help you make your next career move.

Whether you’ve been in the industrial industry for your entire career, or are just getting started, we can help you with job opportunities, training program recommendations, and the support you need to keep going during your transition.

Connecting exceptional hourly workers in the industrial workforce with outstanding companies who are looking to hire is our passion. We’re not just talking about entry level roles, but positions with room to grow, and career jobs, too. The positions WorkStep posts are permanent, full-time, and routinely benefited jobs, because we know how important it is to have job security and a safety net to fall back on.  The people behind the scenes at WorkStep are a passionate group of entrepreneurs, engineers, coaches, and innovators, working hard to find solutions to some of the hardest problems there are to tackle: workforce retention, worker satisfaction, and career growth.

WorkStep started in 2017 with an idea to help solve a problem. Our founder, Dan Johnston, managed warehouses back in 2008 and realized some major obstacles in the industrial workforce–both for workers and employers. Employers were struggling to retain workers who wanted careers in the industry while workers battled job dissatisfaction. He noticed inefficiencies using temp work; mainly high cost for employers and the high rate of turnover for workers.  Dan, with some help, sought to unite his business background with tech and the industrial workforce to help solve this problem using a unique direct hire model.

Cue WorkStep. You can read more about how we can help and what we do directly from Dan, our CEO, in his Welcome to WorkStep blog.

WorkStep offers a transparent job search and is completely free to job seekers. Applicants can see information about wages, commute lengths, benefits, and core duties of the job before applying and this is what makes WorkStep so special. The companies you apply with will hire you on permanently as their employee (there is NO temping), so you can rest easy knowing we won’t ever take a cut of your paycheck.

Our supportive team of coaches is here for you, too. They will help you set up interviews, can answer questions about the process, and are always happy to review your profile to make sure you’re set up to succeed.

We are dedicated to creating an exceptional experience for everyone that visits our website and joins our network of job seekers and employers. We want to help you next.

…even our pets think we’re great, meet the team!

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