6 Tips to Improve Your Industrial Job Postings
August 30, 2020
Are your postings for industrial job openings not getting the number of applications you need to continue to run your operations fully staffed? Are many of the candidates that you are receiving those who don’t have the qualifications or the drive you’re looking for? You’re not alone. Many companies are ...
How COVID-19 is impacting industrial workforce turnover
May 23, 2020
At WorkStep, we build technology tools that help large industrial employers make better hires and build long-term retention within their hourly workforce. Here, we’ve leveraged that insight to analyze how COVID-19 has impacted why industrial workers are leaving their jobs, how frequently they’re leaving, and what companies can do to work on employee retention now.
Stay-safe tips for industrial job hunters during Covid
May 20, 2020
Job hunting during the coronavirus pandemic? Here’s what you need to know to stay safe.
4 ways to know if a company is protecting frontline workers during the pandemic
May 20, 2020
Industrial workers are often essential workers on the front lines of the pandemic, so it’s important to know if your employer (or potential employer) is taking worker safety seriously. Here are 4 ways to know if a company is doing enough to protect its employees from Covid-19.
How to know the Covid-19 risk of your industrial job
May 20, 2020
Does your industrial job put you at high risk for catching the coronavirus? Every industry has different risk factors when it comes to transmission. Here’s how to know where your job ranks and some steps to take to protect yourself.
7 tips for managing stress while job hunting in a pandemic
May 20, 2020
Here are some tips and resources to help manage your stress and stay on track.
The Best Way to Hire Warehouse Workers
January 13, 2020
Read on to see a breakdown of the pros and cons to each method of hiring warehouse workers, so you can find the best solution for your workplace.
Pros and cons of joining a union
December 30, 2019
When exploring union vs non-union jobs, it’s worth thinking about some of the overall pros and cons to being part of an industrial union.
7 ways to prepare your company for the future of manufacturing
December 09, 2019
There are 7 tangible ways you can close the skills gap and prepare your company for the future of manufacturing
How to train up for the future of manufacturing
November 18, 2019
For workers looking to get into manufacturing there are huge opportunities if you can train up and target the right skills.
Avoid these 5 mistakes on your job application
November 04, 2019
Applying for jobs is a lot of work, especially when you have to fill out the same information over and over again. That’s why, at WorkStep, your profile is your job application.
Why direct hire makes sense in today’s industrial labor market
October 27, 2019
For many employers, temp-to-hire positions are appealing. On paper they see less overhead and the ability to “try before you buy”. But once you unpack these so-called benefits, especially in the industrial market, they aren’t as appealing as they first appear. And some could be downright harmful to your company.
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