Saint Gobain

Single hiring platform for all openings yields "magic" results

Staffing Needs

Over 180k employees worldwide and 16 facilities on the west coast

Recruiting focus on candidates with a background in production and manufacturing

Roles to fill include: Assemblers, Welders, and CNC Machine Operators

The WorkStep Impact

5 direct hires placed per month per facility at outset of the partnership

0 new temps required to meet production schedule

90% of non-exempt hires at initial pilot facility sourced through WorkStep

“To me it’s like magic, I hit the button and candidates show up at the door. With WorkStep, we are seeing higher quality of candidate fit to our roles—even the skilled trades!—and hiring is made easy with reminders and perfect follow-up, which helps with an already busy day”

Brenda Whiteley - HR Generalist

The Leader in Habitat

Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and solutions that are key ingredients in the lives of people worldwide. Originally founded as a mirror manufacturer over 350 years ago, the company now produces a large selection of construction and highperformance materials, promoting energy efficiency and thermal, acoustic, and visual comfort of buildings.

At the Vetrotech facility, Saint Gobain produces sustainable fireresistant safety and security glass of the highest protection classes and have been doing so for 40 years.

Engaging with WorkStep

Historically, at the Vetrotech facility, the HR team had leveraged a handful of temp staffing agencies to fill voids and ensure the production line would always run smoothly. Unfortunately, volume and quality from those agencies was inconsistent and, of course, the markups were expensive.

With WorkStep, it was clear from the very first meeting that the team had found a perfect fit for their needs. By sourcing from the WorkStep network, Vetrotech was able to find all of the qualified candidates they needed for their entire suite of open roles.

Over time, the relationship between the Auburn, Washington facility and WorkStep has evolved and continued to improve, as WorkStep’s matching technology continues to drive quality candidate matches to the company.

Future Plans

Given the success of the first Saint Gobain— WorkStep partnership, both parties already plan to extend the relationship in a few ways. WorkStep has been introduced to other Saint Gobain facilities throughout the country, as well as built a relationship with the national procurement team.