Over 135,000 employees in the United States

Recruiting focus on finding hires who will grow with the company

Roles to fill include: General Warehouse, Maintenance Mechanic


93% retention rate on first 40 WorkStep hires

86% of phone screened matches move forward

3 days average time between application and interview


“There has been a large, positive impact from the WorkStep candidate flow…Automated scheduling is a big win for our team and our average employee tenure has progressed”

Sr HR Manager

America’s Store

The company in this case study operates more than 10,000 stores and is in business to serve others, as well as provide career opportunities for over 100,000 employees.

To replenish their stores with food, supplies, apparel and more, the company operates a network of over 30 distribution facilities throughout the country.

Engaging with WorkStep

Historically, the company faced a challenge with consistently identifying qualified candidates for their high-volume warehouse roles. This pain point was even more acute in their more remote distribution locations.

Getting started, the company and WorkStep set up a pilot in the company’s most recently launched distribution hub. In that facility, the company was able to hire 40 members of the WorkStep network in their first 3 months. More importantly, when comparing WorkStep to other sources, WorkStep hires showed an 80% lower day-30 attrition rate.

On top of these quantitative success metrics, the the company’s HR team also found that WorkStep’s automation technology also assisted greatly with previously time consuming tasks like interview scheduling.

Future Plans

Given the success of the WorkStep partnership to date, the two teams will continue to work together to determine how WorkStep can add value for the company’s distribution teams throughout the country. For WorkStep candidates, it is great that WorkStep is able to partner with a company that has opportunities in parts of the country where there might be less jobs historically available, and where there is unlimited internal growth potential.

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