Professional Truck and Bus driving Training Program

by A-1 Truck Driving School
A 1 Truck Driving School, Inc's Program is a day or evening course. Classes meet Monday through Saturday, and Sundays are also available. Course work includes: Assistance in getting your learner's permit. Driving on the open road in highway, city, and heavy traffic conditions. Safe and efficient operation of various types of tractors and trailers. Defensive driving techniques, backing, safety and emergency procedures. Graduates receive a Class A CDL. We will assist you with all endorsements at no extra charge. Operatoins of straight trucks. Loading and unloading, parking and docking procedures. Trip planning and navigational skills. Graduates receive a Class B CDL. We will assist you with all endorsements at no extra charge.
About A-1 Truck Driving School
"The economy is in the path of recovery, and as the job opportunity shifts, this is a great time for the trucking industry. A new demand for experienced drivers is surfacing. We at A 1 Truck Driving School, Inc can prepare you to become professional in as little two weeks for CDL (commercial driver license). We are school certified in the State of California and have been in the trucking business since 1975. We also specialize in construction vehicle training including transfers, doubles, and flats. Our campus includes a spacious yard for training and practice. Our instructors are friendly, courteous and patient, and are available 7 days a week to work with your schedule. We’re convenient located in Bay area, with training in Hayward. Give us a call today! We guarantee that in three weeks you will be on the way for a new career. Our clients have the highest rate of graduation. More than 90% Graduation rate Lifetime Career Services Assistance for our graduates New graduates can earn up to 40k+ benefits Experienced drivers can earn up to $80,000/yr Class A, B Truck Driving Programs (we help our students finding a new job in the trucking industry. Our director of placement will align you with the best job the suits you)."