Standard Class A Truck Driver Training

by Academy of Truck Driving
This is a very intense program with a primary emphasis on safe operations and accident prevention. Upon completion of the training program your safety awareness will be expanded and your skills will exceed the requirements of many employers. We will challenge and expose you to as many real life situations as possible so that you will be road ready and confident in your driving ability. We teach 10-speed shifting, backing, safety driving and combination driving.
About Academy of Truck Driving
"Are you ready for a professional career without the 100K loans? Are you looking for a long term career? If yes then take a few minutes and give us a call. Allow us to provide you with the truth surrounding a career as a commercial driver. There is a huge opportunity for anyone who is willing to work hard, drive safe, and provide excellent customer service. Academy of Truck Driving, Inc. have been successfully providing both Class A and Class B truck and bus driver training as well as job placement assistance for several years and for thousands of satisfied students. We value the relationships that are created with our students and take great pride in the quality our programs. The choice of which school to attend is ultimately a life altering decision. Option (1) a facility that will teach you just enough to get your license and wish you good luck! Option (2) Academy of Truck Driving Inc., where the minimum is not an option! We teach every student how to drive safely, exceed the expectations of potential employers and have a long lasting career. The secret to our success is simple!- small class sizes, flexible schedules, well maintained equipment and very patient and caring instructors.