Boman Forklift Safety Training

by Boman Forklift Sales Rental and Service
Keep your forklift operators and employees safe! Forklift operators are required by OSHA to undergo evaluation once every 3 years, or when assigned to operate a different type of vehicle or if involved in an accident or near miss. Boman Forklift offers a complete Forklift Operator Safety Training Program that complies with OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.178. Boman Operator Forklift Safety Trainer covers the safe operation of all types of both electric forklifts and reach trucks and LPG forklifts such as Clark forklifts, Toyota forklifts, Crown forklifts, Nissan forklifts, Yale forklifts, Komatsu forklifts and many others. Boman Forklift Safety Trainers have successfully certified hundreds of operators for a range of businesses in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our Forklift Trainers are skilled at customizing a training program for your specific needs. Operator SafetyTraining can be conducted in Spanish or English, at Boman Forklift or at your site. We offer a fee scale based of class sizes and requirements. Forklift Safety Training class fees include all course materials and documentation for completion of the class. Forklift Operator Safety Training includes: - 2-3 hours of classroom instruction - Video - Review and breakdown of the material covered in the video - Written evaluation of Forklift Operator's understanding and comprehension of the material covered - Review of forklift Pedistrian Safety Precautions - One hour of forklift operation and driving evaluation - Manuevering of Forklift Equipment - Backwards and forwards - Up and down ramps, forwards and backwards - Moving in and around the facility - How to lift and handle actual material loads safely. Upon completion, each operator will receive Forklift Operator Safety Training documents including a Wallet ID Operators Card, Certificate and the Test Results
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A single forklift or multiple forklifts, the issue is still the same. No business makes money while their product sits still. For nearly sixty years, Boman Forklift has made it our business to assist and educate our forklift customers on the best way to keep their products rolling.