Commerical Driver Class A

by College Of Instrument Technology
All heavy equipment Operator Training includes Level A Truck Driving Operator Class A License which trains and certifies graduates to load, tie down and transport the equipment they operate and haul the material they excavate. This is a 6 week class. There is also an optional Green Jobs Bus Driver Passenger Endorsement. At CIT, we do not recommend taking only the Truck Driving Class as you will have a much better chance of landing a higher paying job if you are able to operate and transport the heavy equipment that you will be using on the job site. The course objective is to provide the Trucking and Transportation Industry safe, reliable, trained individuals with knowledge of the latest skills, attitudes and qualifications that will be conducive to a long lasting, profitable and safety oriented employee/employer relationship. Hands-On introduction to Truck Rigs, Load, tie-down heavy equipment for transport, Trucking Trade Training Review, City Construction and Long haul Trucking, Tankers, Doubles, Triples and HAZ Endorsements, New Green Jobs, Optional for Bus, Driver Passenger Endorsement for Green Jobs for additional $1,000 using Modern, Natural Gas Bus""
About College Of Instrument Technology
The College of Instrument Technology (CIT) was founded in 1983 by Harold E. Durbin, Vice President of Instrument Engineering with Instrument Personnel, Inc., a Green Job company whose total existence is automation of process control by monitoring, transmitting, controlling air, production, water quality, usage, to increase efficiency while meeting AQMD and EPA regulations. Mr. Durbin had a dream of offering the first Instrument Engineer degree and Instrument Technician NCIT certification in the United States, which features high tech, Hands-On field training and environmental testing for Green Jobs. Mr. Durbin wanted to assist men and women in obtaining European caliber skills coupled with the Oriental work ethic that would be needed in the 21st century for a productive career and rewarding future in America