CDL Training

by DRM CDL Training
Overview of CDL Training Program: Orientation to the Trucking Industry, D.O.T. Regulation and Licensing Requirements, Log Books and Hours of Service, Basic Controls, Pre-Trip Inspections, Air Brakes, Coupling and Uncoupling of Trailers, Load Securement, Backing Skills, Shifting Techniques, Left and Right Hand Turning Procedures, Hazardous Materials, Uphill and Downhill Driving, Tire Chain Installment, Speed and Space Management, Weight Distribution and Bridge Laws, Trip Planning, Skills Testing Procedures, Extreme Driving Conditions and Procedures, Night Driving, Emergency Maneuvers, Skid Control and Recovery, Accident Procedures, Visual Search and Communication, Railroad Crossings and Operation Life Saver, Application and Interview Procedures
About DRM CDL Training
DRM CDL TRAINING is not your ordinary driving school. We are highly regarded by our students and comrades in the industry for setting the benchmark in quality driver education in Tacoma, WA. Enroll in our driving school today and receive the best instruction and training that will help you qualify for a commercial driver’s license. We look forward to helping you prepare for your driving career.