Welding Gas & Electric

by Los Angeles Trade-Tech College
The Associate in Science degree and Certificate of Achievement in Welding Gas and Electric is a full-time program designed for individuals seeking entry level positions in the field. Students enrolling in this program should be able to commit to full-time student status, which is approximately 21 hours per week. This time commitment is necessary to allow for hands-on training with the lab applications used during the course of instruction. Upon completion of the Degree/Certificate program, students are able to: 1. Name and select the appropriate hand and power tools in order to set up a portable oxy-acetylene welding outfit and a 1\ Vee Groove test Plate. 2. Use welding equipment and jigs to set up and weld a Vee Groove in a vertical position using AWS Standards and safety procedures. 3. Apply the proper procedures for calculation and measurements by sketching oblique, isometric and pictorial views to designated sizes""
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