Welding Technology

by Mt Hood Community College
The program is a good choice for those wishing to upgrade their welding skills or to learn new welding and cutting processes. With the opportunity to use the latest equipment technologies, this day program curriculum is designed to provide instruction for completion of specified weld test plates in various positions, as well as opportunities to obtain welder certifications according to American Welding Society (AWS) code specifications. Processes include shielded metal arc, gas metal arc, flux cored arc and gas tungsten arc welding. Training in blueprint reading, welding metallurgy and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) plasma cutting is included with opportunities for students to create and plasma cut objects of their own design. The Welding Technology certificate may be started in fall or winter terms. However, to complete in one school year students must start in fall term and attend full time during the day. Students may also attend part time in the evening. Students completing this certificate will have completed nearly oneā€half of the degree requirements for the Integrated Metals AAS degree. MHCC Welding Technology celebrates and endorses the efforts of our local high school students interested in becoming trained as welders. Program specific laboratory training at the high school level earns college credit applicable toward approved Integrated Metals certificates and degrees.
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