New Operator Training

by Cromer Material Handling
Cromer offers a "New Operator" training course in 2 of its locations. This 16-hour (2-day) course is designed exclusively for the employee with no knowledge of forklift equipment. With 8 hours of classroom instruction and 8 hours of hands-on driving of different class codes of lift trucks, the new operator gets the knowledge and confidence to operate forklift equipment safely in the workplace. Upon completion, each new operator gets a certificate for your safety records. While there is no specific "Forklift Certification" available to California forklift drivers, the Cromer New Operator course meets OSHA requirements for safety training. You can consider your drivers "certified" to operate forklifts safely after taking this course, as hundreds throughout California do every year.
About Cromer Material Handling
Hello, my name is Marshall Cromer. I'm "The Forklift Boss." I’ve been in the Forklift Industry now for 40 years. (really I'm not that old, started on selling forklifts 22 years old) I love to be "The Forklift Boss"! After buying and selling over 10,000 forklifts in my career, I’ve learned a few things! So I use that experience to educate companies and people about our industry. I really like to help people, save them money, and get them the right product. For 30 years now, Cromer has worked hard to bring our customers all things material handling. Time to satisfy OSHA’s safety training requirements? Send your operators to a Cromer training facility, schedule a trainer to come on-site, or have us train your Trainer. Courses available in Northern and Central California. We make the process painless.