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Employee engagement for frontline

The only employee feedback solution designed specifically for frontline organizations

Making the frontline a better place to work


in cost savings delivered to the average WorkStep client


of frontline workers reached with WorkStep technology


of leading enterprise customers across the frontline


Average increase in employee engagement in first year

Solutions designed specifically for your frontline workforce

Gather real-time feedback from your workforce at key moments in their employment journey. With expert-backed survey content and industry expertise, ask the right question at the right time to get the most actionable insight.

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Leverage employee surveys and predictive analytics to identify key turnover drivers across workforce segments. Track actions and measure the impact of initiatives on turnover and retention across teams and locations.

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Automatically engage employees at key moments with continuous listening tools. Track workforce engagement and satisfaction through key metrics. Identify and celebrate high performing leaders and teams to create a more positive work environment.

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Skip the bulletin board. Communicate at scale with your workforce through 1:1 and 1:many confidential built-in employee communication tools. Enable leaders to close the loop with employees, communicate changes and follow up to resolve urgent issues.

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Forrester Consulting study finds WorkStep cuts turnover costs by $5M

Reduced turnover costs and increased productivity drove better business decisions for one organization.


PepsiCo Beverages North America achieves a 29% reduction in new hire turnover

With WorkStep, PBNA was able to identify top turnover drivers and implement solutions to improve new hire retention.



Put your frontline first.

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