Truck Driving Refresher Course

by Elite Truck School
Become a more valuable candidate: As any hiring manager will tell you, a long period of unemployment could raise suspicion. Taking a refresher course from a Portland driving school will show trucking companies that you’re serious about getting back into the saddle. Improve your driving skills: Taking a refresher course isn’t just good for relearning everything you forgot—you might also learn a few new things. This is a great way to gain an edge over other potential candidates. Avoid legal trouble: Forgetting important trucking regulations could get you in significant trouble with the law. Taking a quick refresher course can help ensure smooth sailing.
About Elite Truck School
Elite Truck School has been training new drivers in Hillsboro, Oregon since 2003. They offer complete CDL training options, as well as a refresher course for those drivers looking to brush up and get back on the road.