Doubles Custom Training

by IITR Truck School
Part 1) 1.5 hours classroom: online course - J.J. Keller “pulling doubles”. Course includes a multiple choice quiz. Student must score at least 85% to pass. If score is lower, the quiz can be re-taken until a passing score is achieved. Part 2) 1 hour yard: introduction to equipment, dollies and combination vehicle configurations. Instructor demonstrates hooking and unhooking doubles, pintle hook parts, function. Student performs hooking/unhooking operation with instructor oversight. Repeat until student can demonstrate proficiency without further instruction. Part 3) 1 hour road: with instructor supervision, student performs pre-trip inspection of tractor and two trailers. Student drives doubles set over planned route then returns to it to yard. Part 4) 1.5 hours yard: student unhooks set of doubles docking both front and back trailer then positioning dolly and re-hooking set. Introduction to post trip inspections
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