Operator Training Program

by OC Forklift Certification
The law requires forklift operators to undergo evaluation every 3 years. Let us show your employees the safe way to operate your forklifts. We offer driver certification and certified safety training courses for you and your employees as mandated by OSHA.Our training program is versatile and is delivered using a combination of lectures, conferences, demonstrations, classroom discussions, written tests, and video demonstrations. The ability to do a maintenance check is required by OSHA, and is part of our flexible program. At the end of our program your employees will be able to operate the vehicle safely and in compliance. Our certification can be conducted in Spanish or English and is usually completed between 2-3 hours depending on the group size. 1. Introduction 2. Types Features, and Physics 3.Safety Video 4.Inspecting The Vehicle 5. Driving The Truck 6. Load Handling 7. Battery and Charging 8. Safety Concerns 9. Truck and Workplace Training/Hands-On 10. Certification of Completion 11. Written test
About OC Forklift Certification
Established in 2011, we started as a mobile service helping small to large businesses with their forklift certification needs.