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Accelerating your production line

From managing safety risks to driving productivity, WorkStep’s comprehensive employee listening solutions are built with the production line in mind. Optimize operations, enhance employee retention, and elevate your productivity game.

Workforce engagement solutions for manufacturing companies

Take your manufacturing operations to new heights with WorkStep, a platform designed to drive operational efficiency and productivity through holistic employee engagement and listening.

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Mitigate safety risks

Leverage AI predictive analytics to identify and address critical safety issues in real-time.

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Retain a diverse workforce

Gather employee feedback to create a more engaged and inclusive culture that motivates your frontline.

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Increase productivity

Empower your workforce with confidential and bi-directional communication to drive operational excellence.

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Minimize disruption

Use real-time data and insights to identify and proactively prevent critical production issues locally and globally.

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Ensure compliance

Collect feedback and analyze quality measures to ensure standards are met and issues are swiftly resolved.

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Improve customer satisfaction

Boost customer satisfaction with a well-trained, productive and engaged frontline workforce.