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Enabling retail associates for success

Increase operational effectiveness and ensure customer satisfaction with a platform designed to help retail organizations engage a diverse workforce through holistic employee listening and engagement.

Retail employee engagement and listening solutions

WorkStep’s holistic employee listening solutions deliver better customer satisfaction by increasing associate engagment, transforming store operations and improving productivity.

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Manage high-turnover workers

Increase engagement and reduce turnover for your seasonal workforce.

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Onboard associates successfully

Identify effective training programs to improve onboarding and reduce ramp times.

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Maintain consistent scheduling

Identify and address scheduling conflicts, ensure schedule predictability and hours.

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Prevent inventory shrinkage

Uncover and address loss issues in real-time with confidential communication.

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Ensure worker safety

Proactively identify hazards so you can mitigate risk and maintain a safe work environment.

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Improve customer experience

Foster an open and engaged, customer-first workforce through continuous listening.