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Driving positive outcomes with Suggested Actions: WorkStep new action-planning feature

June 2, 2022

RESOURCES Driving positive outcomes with Suggested Actions: WorkStep new action-planning feature

Around 428k jobs were added to the US economy in April, with transportation and warehousing reporting a net gain of 52k jobs. The numbers, while promising, only tell half the story: The reality is, companies in the supply chain continue to struggle with retention. Not too long ago, we published our findings on the top reasons why frontline employees churn: Career growth, not pay, rose to the top. 

With WorkStep’s employee retention software, you get a clear picture on the factors driving employee turnover. By transforming real-time employee feedback into digestible insights, we help you understand employee sentiment across a wide range of themes.

WorkStep helps you understand why your employees contemplate their next steps. Equipped with this knowledge, how do you plan on staying ahead?

Introducing Suggested Actions

At WorkStep we believe in starting small, and acting quick, and that’s why we are introducing Suggested Actions – a repository of quick, bite-sized actions your managers can take to engage employees and improve retention. We don’t just talk about the problems, we give you the next steps you need to make the change.

We believe that data should inspire action. With Suggested Actions, you can empower your managers with both data as well as a plan of action to tackle turnover.

Understand the problems, take action, rinse and repeat

With Suggested Actions, your workflow is now stronger than ever. Now you can:

  • Dig into the data behind your lowest performing themes
  • Take action from our curated list of next steps
  • Seamlessly track an action to analyze the impact on employee favorability and retention


Tune into your frontline with WorkStep

With the frontline employee engagement platform that delivers the real-time insights you need to take action, retain your workforce, and drive your business forward.

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