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The Total Economic Impact™ of WorkStep Webinar

November 16, 2023

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RESOURCES The Total Economic Impact™ of WorkStep Webinar

This exclusive webinar unveiled the significant positive impact of WorkStep through a commissioned 2023 study conducted by Forrester Consulting. Learn about employee engagement challenges and market trends taking shape today. And discover the results that show WorkStep’s ability to reshape workforce dynamics and enhance organizational efficiency.

Forrester’s comprehensive analysis reveals a considerable three-year financial impact*:

  • $5.3M in savings due to a reduction in employee turnover.
  • 90% reduction in HR time spent on gathering and analyzing employee feedback.
  • 10% reduction in voluntary turnover over three years.

*Results are for the interviewed WorkStep customer.

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Tori Cook

Tori Cook, Director of Demand Generation |

Tori Cook is the Director of Demand Generation at WorkStep. With a proven track record of generating impactful results, Tori is passionate about sharing her expertise in operations, marketing, and workplace culture with the WorkStep blog readers.