people analytics - frontline employee favorability over time report

Gather and automate employee sentiment analysis

Summarize employee feedback at a glance with AI. Leverage intuitive and rich employee sentiment insights to drive your decision-making.

  • Favorability, responsiveness, reachability, and retention reports
  • Timeline reports with date comparisons
  • Localized and enterprise-level insights

people analytics - opportunities by employee engagement themes

Fuel your growth with predictive recommendations

Get ahead of the curve with WorkStep’s predictive data-driven solutions.

  • AI predictive recommendations anchored around industry benchmarks
  • Targeted actions around your employee segments
  • Deep qualitative insights analyzed and organized by theme

people analytics - frontline employee favorability report by engagement and retention themes

Drill down and benchmark the analysis

Segment data to understand how employee sentiment changes across different dimensions.

  • Location, demographics, or other custom filters
  • Dynamic data and industry benchmarks
  • Local and global motivators and stressors identification

enterprise user-based roles and access rights

Utilize enterprise-grade reporting and API

Get access to our customized and flexible reporting and enterprise-grade API.

  • Scheduled reports
  • Raw data export through API integration
  • Customizable user-based roles and access rights

Jamie’s experience with WorkStep

“Using WorkStep has helped give us the data we need to understand exactly what’s affecting employee turnover. Using this data, we can react immediately. Thanks to WorkStep, we’ve dramatically improved retention and increased new hire satisfaction and preparedness.”

Jamie Anderson, Director of Talent Pipeline Program, NFI

Jamie Anderson