people analytics - opportunities by employee engagement themes

Discover the causes of frontline turnover

Identify which workplace stressors are causing people to leave. Tie employee feedback to outcomes and empower local leaders to take action.

  • Employee feedback tools (milestones, always-on, annual surveys and more)
  • Employee sentiment monitoring across business units and employee segments
  • Comment management and recommended actions

suggested actions for improving employee retention

Take action to improve employee retention

WorkStep enables HR & Operations to take action to reduce employee turnover. Effectively deploy retention programs that are data-driven.

  • AI predictive recommendations to reduce turnover globally and locally
  • Loop closure capabilities to respond to and resolve employee concerns
  • Retention-based action assignments to designated team members

employee programs impact on turnover and favorability chart

Measure success of employee retention programs

Effectively track the success of employee retention investments globally and locally.

  • Employee initiatives program tracker
  • Segmented analysis of programs by location, role type, or other custom inputs
  • Correlation analysis of employee programs against turnover and favorability

employee retention over time report

Monitor retention trends and progress over time

See how your employee programs directly impact retention and turnover over time. Highlight which specific initiatives are driving better business outcomes.

  • Retention rate over time reports with historical and industry benchmarking
  • Retention report segmentation by location, role type, or other custom inputs
  • Turnover rate over time report by location, role, and theme

Angie’s experience with WorkStep

“Retention remains top of mind for our Leadership Team. Talent retention has a direct correlation with teammate engagement, morale and productivity as well as with onboarding and training costs. The more teammates we retain, the more successful we will become!”

Angie Loor, VP Human Resources, Animal Supply Co.