resolution screen to employee feedback

Respond in real-time to employee feedback

Respond directly to feedback while protecting employee anonymity. Demonstrate that your frontline employees’ voices are heard and build trust.

  • Bi-directional and real-time feedback channels
  • Segmented 1:many communication
  • Open confidential conversations through employee feedback

alert on employee comment on a survey

Streamline and automate feedback management

Quickly identify and address employee concerns with WorkStep’s feedback management tools.

  • Confidential feedback and alert functionality to maintain anonymity
  • Intuitive feedback tagging for easy categorization and tracking
  • Quick feedback management with bulk actions and replies

employee comments assigned to team member

Enable every manager with open-text analysis and alerts

Auto-analyze open text and qualitative inputs from your employee surveys. Alert every leader in your organization to time-sensitive or red button comments.

  • Alert notifications, assignments, and replies
  • User-based permissions for alert visibility
  • Segmentable by location, role, engagement themes, or other custom inputs

Act swiftly on employee feedback

Prevent imminent threats and identify opportunities by actioning on employee feedback in real-time.

  • Predictive suggested actions for leaders at every level
  • User-based tasks and assignments
  • Programs and initiatives impact tracker

Stefanie’s experience with WorkStep

“[With WorkStep], immediately we saw that some of the locations were not conducting full orientations. Thanks to the information, we addressed it and in the next review, 100% of employees said they’d received the orientation as well as a tour.”

Stefanie Groff, Former Onboarding Program Manager, NFI

Stefanie Groff