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Top 10 employee communication apps to enhance frontline productivity

February 22, 2024

Best employee communications apps

RESOURCES Top 10 employee communication apps to enhance frontline productivity

Finding an employee communication app that meets your team’s needs can be a game-changer for productivity and engagement. With a multitude of options available, it’s important to discern which apps deliver on their promises of seamless communication, simple integration, and enhanced team collaboration. Additionally, these apps must be tailored to a frontline or hourly workforce vs to desk employees. To help you narrow down the choices, we’ve taken a look at the leading apps that stand out for their proven capabilities and user satisfaction.

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Key takeaways

  • YOOBIC, ContactMonkey, Blink, WorkStep, TeamSense, Firstup, Workvivo, Teambook, Appspace, and Axonify lead the way in providing solutions to enhance employee communication, engagement, and productivity.
  • These platforms offer varied features such as AI-powered insights, personalized content, real-time communication, seamless integrations, and feedback mechanisms to empower frontline staff and manage internal operations.
  • Companies that have adopted one of these employee communication apps have experienced significant benefits, including increased engagement rates, reduced employee turnover, improved operational performance, and enhanced learning and development.

The top 10 frontline employee communication apps

1. Empowering frontline teams with YOOBIC

YOOBIC, an AI-powered platform, is designed to tackle the complex and challenging nature of frontline communication. YOOBIC provides:

  • Real-time internal communication, engagement, and interaction with frontline teams through instant messaging
  • A personalized and targeted newsfeed
  • Read receipts and confirmations
  • Chat
  • Video call
  • Live video streams

Furthermore, this platform facilitates mobile learning through easy, zero-code training content creation, engaging course content, and gamified training. YOOBIC is not just about communication and learning. It also enhances employee task management by digitizing operations, streamlining frontline team processes, and providing real-time visibility into operational execution and compliance.

The platform leverages AI to offer insights for enhancing frontline employee performance through automated and interactive dashboards, real-time actionable data, and predictive AI technology. Over 300 companies worldwide empower their frontline teams with YOOBIC, achieving improved operational performance and increased training frequency.


2. Exciting employee emails with ContactMonkey

Internal frontline communication still heavily relies on emails. ContactMonkey takes this tactic to the next level by offering seamless integration with Outlook and Gmail, allowing for the creation of stunning, engaging emails with tracking and analytic capabilities. ContactMonkey’s drag-and-drop template builder allows for fast and easy design of visually appealing emails that are optimized for various device types.

ContactMonkey also helps ensure emails achieve high opens, clicks, and read times through effective email tracking and analytics. Organizations utilizing ContactMonkey have observed:

  • 70% rise in employee engagement
  • 25 days per year saved by optimizing internal communications by not having to wait for responses
  • Decline or complete elimination of spam-complaint issues and unsubscribes
  • Emails are delivered directly to the inbox, ensuring all team members are kept informed


3. Connecting your frontline team with Blink

Blink, a frontline communication app that boosts engagement among employees by providing effective internal communication tools. It facilitates the delivery of specific and timely communications throughout the organization, effectively functioning as a digital gateway that unites all members and ensures centralized accessibility to essential resources.

With an average of seven app opens per day per employee, Blink is characterized by frequent usage and a commendable rating of 9/10 for ease of use from employees. Enterprises that have implemented Blink have observed a 26% decrease in employee turnover and a 5x rise in the utilization rate of tools. Moreover, Blink’s powerful analytics provide organizations with valuable insight into their workspace which can inform strategic decisions and enhancements in the workplace.


4. Gathering and acting on employee feedback with WorkStep

WorkStep employee communication tool

Gathering employee feedback is vital for any organization. WorkStep’s employee engagement platform delivers real-time insights so leaders can take action, retain their workforce, and drive their business forward.

In contrast to office-based staff, frontline workers are frequently on the field or floor, distanced from desks and conventional computer-centric communication systems. The absence of immediate access to digital internal communication tools. This may result in the delayed distribution of vital information, causing operational inefficiencies and fostering a feeling of isolation among workers. WorkStep’s platform provides the ability to communicate via mobile device or on-site technology station allowing users to:

  • Address issues within the workplace in real time via native continuous listening programs and actionable insights
  • Foster a positive company culture through enhanced transparency and communication
  • Take action to improve employee retention with AI-powered insights and reporting
  • Communicate bi-directionally with employees in real-time, wherever they are

Forrester Consulting conducted an independent study of the three-year financial impact of WorkStep for one interviewed organization and found that WorkStep’s real-time employee data led to a 10% reduction in voluntary turnover, a 90% reduction in HR time spent on gathering and analyzing employee feedback, and a three-year risk-adjusted $5.3M in savings from a reduction in employee turnover.


5. Reach your entire workforce and manage attendance with TeamSense

TeamSense, dedicated to elevating employee engagement, brings forth a range of powerful features:

  • Customized updates: Tailor information for personalized and relevant updates.
  • Multichannel communication: Engage seamlessly through various channels for a dynamic workplace.
  • Manage attendance: 24% of hourly workforces change their phone number every 6 months.

TeamSense establishes and maintains a digital connection to hourly employees so you can bridge the communication gap and bring the organization closer together.


6. Building a competitive employee experience with Firstup

Firstup, an intelligent communication platform, delivers personalized experiences to employees by:

  • Connecting with employees
  • Delivering tailored communication
  • Providing engagement insights
  • Contributing to an exceptional employee experience

Leveraging real-time data, Firstup analyzes the most impactful campaigns, ideal timing, and most effective communication channels for individual employees.

This platform empowers teams by centralizing the employee experience on a unified platform, streamlining data attributes, channels, and activities, and minimizing the requirement for app switching. Some of the primary benefits of implementing Firstup include enhancing retention through behavior-based insights, minimizing informational clutter while enhancing relevance, and increasing participation in learning and adoption of tools.


7. Creating a digital workplace with Workvivo

Workvivo, a digital workplace platform, offers the following key features to ensure everyone is on the same page:

  • Video calls
  • Video conferencing
  • Social media-style updates
  • Company news feeds
  • Goal and values alignment
  • Recognition tools

Its objective is to cultivate a unique employee experience and establish a digital workplace that empowers employees to engage, stay informed, and communicate according to their individual pace and preference. The platform addresses challenges such as disconnected teams, poor employee communication, and low employee engagement.


8. Managing projects with Teambook

Teambook’s solution is designed to facilitate what many consider the cornerstone of organizations: effective project and resource management. What sets Teambook apart is:

  • Its simplicity
  • Its intuitiveness
  • Its prioritization of Swiss quality, precision, and security

Teambook offers several advantages, such as:

  • Preventing consultant overwork
  • Enhancing communication with clients
  • Allowing for simple updates to consultants’ schedules
  • Supporting mid-term capacity planning by providing precise forecasts and key performance indicators (KPIs)

According to user reports, Teambook has a quick learning curve and a user-friendly interface, including screen-sharing capabilities, resulting in improved team scheduling efficiency and increased overall productivity.


9. Creating a frontline employee hub with Appspace

Appspace merges employee communications and physical office spaces, acting as a central hub for managing employee communications, facilitating the reservation of office spaces, and consolidating essential work tools.

The platform enables businesses to effectively communicate with their teams using mobile employee communications apps and an internal communication app.


10. Improve learning and development with Axonify

Axonify, an enablement solution, aims to unlock the full potential of the frontline workforce by enhancing knowledge retention and addressing skill gaps through spaced repetition training and AI-driven reinforcement. An impressive 83% of Axonify users log in two to three times a week, demonstrating high engagement with the platform.

Axonify offers the following features to foster engagement and enhance workers’  connection to headquarters:

  • Embedded two-way communication and feedback
  • Information sharing
  • Guided task management to demonstrate the practical application of training in employees’ daily work situations

Empower your frontline with an employee communication app

Effective employee communication is a critical aspect of successful organizations. Various apps like YOOBIC, ContactMonkey, Blink, WorkStep, TeamSense, Firstup, Workvivo, Teambook, Appspace, and Axonify are revolutionizing the way teams communicate. These platforms offer unique solutions to enhance internal communication, boost employee satisfaction, and ultimately improve productivity. Choosing the right tool for your organization depends on your specific needs. But one thing is certain – investing in an employee communication app is a step towards a more connected, engaged, and productive workforce.

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