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Embracing employee feedback: why true Operations leaders shouldn’t fear the voice of their employees

May 2, 2023

RESOURCES Embracing employee feedback: why true Operations leaders shouldn’t fear the voice of their employees

Feedback is a gift. That’s what WorkStep’s very own Senior Manager of Employee Experience, Jessa Graves, says to the team every time we run an employee survey internally.

But, getting feedback, especially feedback that pertains to you directly and can be publicly seen by others can be absolutely terrifying. Perhaps you’re worried that the feedback will result in higher workloads, that your reputation would be sullied, or, like all humans, you’re just a bit hesitant to change and the unknown.

True leaders in the workplace, like Jessa, understand how valuable feedback can be. Not only do they understand it, but they actively seek to obtain it. Because, you see, employee feedback is actually a secret weapon for personal and professional success!

Here’s why you, dear operations leaders, shouldn’t be afraid of feedback:

Boost your leadership credibility

By genuinely inviting and embracing your employees’ feedback, you’re showing everyone that you’re the kind of leader who truly cares about your team’s thoughts and feelings. This creates a powerful sense of trust and connection between you and your team. It also lets your team see that you are not afraid of being in the “hot seat,” and are open to constructive criticism if it makes you a better leader. Creating a positive company culture not only elevates your status as a compassionate and results-driven leader but also makes you a magnetic force, attracting and keeping the best talent around.

Level up your leadership

Similarly, when you welcome employee feedback with open arms, you’ll discover opportunities to polish your leadership skills. We’re all human, and we all have blind spots — areas where we might not be performing at our best. By welcoming feedback from those who work with you daily, you’ll uncover areas where you can improve, helping you grow as a leader and become even more effective in your role.

By tackling these areas head-on, you’ll evolve as a leader and embrace a growth mindset that not only enriches your professional life but also your personal journey.

Climb that career ladder

When you strut your stuff as the boss who knows how to inspire an engaged and high-performing team, you’ll definitely catch the eyes of the higher-ups or investors. Internal buy-in is important, and when it comes time for that big promotion the position will likely go the way of the person who has the most favor not only with other leaders, but with the employees you manage. Being well liked and respected amongst your peers can sometimes be as important as job mastery, since frontline employees may be hard pressed to adopt a new initiative or policy if the leader casting it down has an authoritarian reputation. Get ready to boost your chances of moving on up within the organization and make some serious career strides.

Up your decision-making game

By taking the time to understand your team’s experiences and innovative ideas, you’ll gain some serious insights that will help you make smarter decisions. The simple fact is, your ideas will be better received if your team believes their voice plays a major role in your decision making and their support is essential to your success. These informed choices will lead to better operational enhancements and ultimately, propel your business to new heights.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for any frontline problem, so oftentimes something that worked for a leader at one site across the country may not be feasible for your team. Why? Because the people on your team are unique, have different pain points, culture, and needs. While there are some industry best-practices that you can learn from, and advice that can be taken from other leaders within the organization, those plans should be used as a framework to build from based on the feedback of your particular team.

Boost productivity, get results

Unleash the power of your people. When you invite your team members to share their thoughts and ideas, you’re creating an environment that fosters a culture of continuous improvement. By giving your employees a voice, you’re empowering them to bring their A-game every day, resulting in a more engaged and passionate workforce,, which drives better operational efficiency, higher quality output, and increased profitability.

You’re not only investing in the well-being and happiness of your team but also fueling the growth and success of your organization. Ultimately, this contributes to your success as an Operations leader.

So, my fellow Operations leaders, it’s time to shake off those fears and embrace the power of employee feedback. Remember, your team members are your greatest asset, and their voices can help you unlock untold potential for personal and professional growth. By fostering a culture of open communication, continuous improvement, and genuine connection, you’ll not only become a more effective leader but also enjoy a more rewarding and successful career.

Lastly, whenever you’re ready to embrace employee feedback, book a demo of WorkStep! We’ll be waiting.

Tori Cook

Tori Cook, Director of Demand Generation | tori@workstep.com

Tori Cook is the Director of Demand Generation at WorkStep. With a proven track record of generating impactful results, Tori is passionate about sharing her expertise in operations, marketing, and workplace culture with the WorkStep blog readers.