Customer Story: Kroger

More qualified candidates & improved retention in their DCs

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RESOURCES Customer Story: Kroger


500+ headcount distribution centers distributed nationally

Recruiting focus on candidates with multiple years of DC experience

Roles to fill include: Order Selector, Class A Driver, and Loss Prevention


10 direct hires placed per facility at outset of the partnership

2X increase in on-site interviews

100% of non-exempt roles in supported facilities sourced primarily through WorkStep

“WorkStep has significantly increased the size of our candidate pool, and the retention rate on WorkStep placements has been higher than what ours was previously, which saves us money on training and replacement.”

Jerad Coine – Logistics Human Resource Manager

The leader in grocery

Kroger is not only the largest grocery chain in the United States, but it is also the nation’s second largest employer. The Kroger name and its family of brands are synonymous with quality and convenience.

At the initial pilot distribution center, Kroger employs over 800 members of the community in union roles including Order Selectors, Class A Drivers, and Loss Prevention Officers.

Engaging with WorkStep

Historically, Kroger had not been working with outside vendors to supplement their in-house recruiting efforts. Over a few months, the teams at Kroger & WorkStep got to know each other, as well as understand how the Kroger needs and the WorkStep candidate network could fit together.

Once the decision was made to move forward, the WorkStep operations and account teams spent time at Kroger to understand the different constituencies, processes, and requirements. As with any partner of Kroger’s size, it was crucial that WorkStep adapt their system to the unique needs of each department.

Over time, WorkStep and Kroger have reached a point where the workflow fits like a glove. Each hiring manager at Kroger hosts a block of time or times each week to interview candidates from the WorkStep network.

Partnership growth

Given the success of the Kroger-WorkStep partnership in the initial pilot facility, coverage has since expanded to distribution centers in additional regions, as well as manufacturing facilities in their dairy and bakery divisions.