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Leveraging workplace psychology for effective employee engagement surveys

April 12, 2023

RESOURCES Leveraging workplace psychology for effective employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement surveys are vital tools for understanding the needs and preferences of your workforce and for driving improvements in employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. However, the effectiveness of these surveys depends heavily on the quality and relevance of the questions asked. This is where the expertise of leading psychologists with experience in workplace I/O comes into play.

WorkStep’s employee engagement surveys take full advantage of this expert knowledge, making them highly effective tools for understanding and improving employee engagement.


What is workplace psychology?

Workplace I/O Psychology, also known as Industrial and Organizational Psychology, is essentially the scientific study of human behavior in the context of the workplace. It aims to understand the relationships between individuals and organizations, and focuses on improving employee well-being and productivity.

I/O psychologists apply psychological principles and methods to various workplace challenges. They consider all aspects of employee engagement from motivation to leadership training to organizational culture and beyond. I/O psychologists ultimately help organizations create high-performing work environments.

How do employee engagement surveys incorporate workplace psychology?

Employee engagement surveys incorporate the expertise and knowledge of I/O psychologists into the creation of survey questions. These experts utilize survey design methods to create well-structured surveys that are easy to understand and engage with, ensuring high response rates and quality data.

They craft questions that are clear and relevant to the specific workplace and that also accurately measure the factors that contribute to employee engagement and productivity. They also apply statistical methods to analyze survey data and identify trends that can inform targeted employee engagement strategies.

Why are psychology-backed employee survey questions more effective?


Relevance and reliability

I/O psychologists understand the factors that contribute to employee engagement and specifically design survey questions with these in mind. By tailoring the questions to the specific context of the organization, they ensure that the data collected is both relevant and meaningful for that particular workplace.

When it comes to reliability, they design questions that are clear and concise to minimize confusion. They know how to design questions that elicit responses from employees that minimize bias or inconsistency.



I/O psychologists create validated measures that ensure the survey questions provide accurate results. These measures are rigorously tested on sound scientific principles and are specifically designed to minimize biases and errors in measurement. Psychologists can also help organizations establish the criterion-related validity of survey questions by correlating survey results with relevant outcomes, such as performance metrics or turnover rates.

This ensures that the data collected from the survey is credible and trustworthy and that the survey results accurately represent the true state of their workforce. This then enables organizations to make data-driven decisions and implement targeted strategies to improve employee engagement.


Insights and Interpretation

The right questions also facilitate the extraction of meaningful insights from survey data. I/O psychologists understand that collecting data is only the first step, and the true value of an employee survey lies in the analysis and interpretation of the data to generate actionable insights.

These experts are trained to uncover patterns, trends, and correlations in the survey data and to interpret survey results in the context of the specific organization. Their findings can identify areas that require attention or improvement and can guide organizations in developing evidence-based action plans to improve employee engagement.



Benchmarking is the comparison of an organization’s survey results with organizations in the same industry or sector. I/O psychologists help organizations not only establish industry benchmarks for employee engagement but also understand how they stack up against comparable organizations. This data can then be leveraged to identify areas of improvement, set realistic goals for employee engagement, track progress over time, and make informed decisions about where to focus their efforts.

How does WorkStep incorporate workplace psychology into our employee engagement platform?


Data science validation

WorkStep’s data science team continuously validates survey responses and completion rates to ensure that the questions asked are relevant and effective. This process is supported by I/O experts who understand the unique challenges faced by today’s hourly workers. This enables WorkStep to ensure that our surveys are based on reliable and accurate data, which fosters meaningful insights to drive actionable recommendations for improving employee engagement.


Collaboration with survey and I/O experts

WorkStep maintains close partnerships with leading I/O experts and advisors. These collaborations ensure that our survey questions reflect the latest research and best practices in employee engagement. Our surveys are crafted with a deep understanding of the factors that contribute to employee engagement, resulting in the most relevant and reliable data.


Extensive data analysis

WorkStep’s surveys are built on a solid foundation of evidence-based practices, with over 2 million data points analyzed. This helps organizations identify trends and patterns that can inform targeted strategies for improvement. By leveraging advanced data analytics, WorkStep is able to provide organizations with specific, actionable recommendations for improving employee engagement and reducing turnover.


Industry Benchmarking

WorkStep’s Annual Engagement Surveys are benchmarked against industry standards. This helps organizations compare their performance with others in their sector and identify areas of improvement. With benchmarks in place, WorkStep enables organizations to learn more about their competitive position and make informed decisions around their employee engagement strategies.


The quality and relevance of your employee engagement survey questions are crucial for obtaining accurate and actionable insights into your workforce. By leveraging the expertise of leading psychologists with experience in workplace I/O, WorkStep’s employee engagement surveys ensure that your organization benefits from reliable data and meaningful insights and allows you to make informed decisions around improving employee engagement and drive business outcomes.

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