Customer Story: Meat Product Leader

Hundreds of hires sourced from WorkStep each month and improved retention

meat product leader

RESOURCES Customer Story: Meat Product Leader


More than 20,000 employees

Challenging recruiting environment due to nature of work

Focus on General Labor & Production roles


Over 400 hires made from the WorkStep network in a single month

17% lift in 90-day new hire retention compared to baseline

78% of hires from WorkStep are likely to recommend working at the company to a friend

“The program is working great. I have personally been impressed with the speed that we’re getting applicants, with the notifications, with the calendar, and with the notifications back to the applicants.I’ve been really pleased with it.”

– Area Human Resources Manager

A leader in food and agriculture

The Meat Product Leader in this customer story is a food and agriculture business that has been in business for over 100 years. To help put food on American tables, as well as export their products worldwide, the company employs over 20,000 team members across the country.

Engaging with WorkStep

Prior to working with WorkStep, the company faced two key challenges related to recruiting and staffing. First, many of their larger facilities are in relatively remote locations, making it difficult to attract new candidates who were not already aware of opportunities at the company. Second, the nature of work in meat production operations isn’t always as attractive to a younger generation of talent, leading to lower organic applicant in-flow, as well as turnover challenges in the new employee base.

Working with the forward-thinking Vice President of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Manager from the company, the two organizations designed an early pilot around two of the company’s most challenging locations. After 9 months of working with just those two facilities, the results of partnering with WorkStep were clear: access to a new talent pool, increased hiring velocity and improved retention.

At that point, the two teams worked together to create a one-to-many forum to introduce WorkStep to the rest of the company’s production facility network. Within a month of that meeting, the company was able to consistently source over 200 hires per month from the WorkStep talent network.

For WorkStep, the partnership with the company provides long-term employment opportunities for members of the WorkStep network across a broad diversity of locations. The team at WorkStep is proud to partner with an organization that has been named a “Best In-State Employer” by Forbes, and one which generates placement feedback like “I am thankful for the opportunity to be working for this great company and surrounded by great people. They are motivating I plan on being here for years” and “The appreciation they show me makes me do the very best I can and go the extra mile. The facility is clean, and I believe they manage it very well. I’m grateful to be a part of the team.”

Future plans

With the entire production network plugged into the WorkStep Hire platform, there are two key partnership growth opportunities from this point. First, the two teams are increasingly investing in technology and integrations to streamline processes and reporting at scale. Second, now that such a high number of hires are coming from WorkStep and frontline managers are able to digest their post-hire feedback via WorkStep Retain, there is an opportunity to leverage and potentially extend that retention management mechanism to continue to make the company an even better place to work.