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Dive deep and share widely with WorkStep’s new Reports features

April 15, 2024

WorkStep Reports for better employee engagement

RESOURCES Dive deep and share widely with WorkStep’s new Reports features

We are excited to announce the release of our new advanced Reporting features, designed to help you synthesize and view your WorkStep data in one place and easily share it within your organization. Read on for more details on this new feature set and for three examples of how you can use WorkStep Reports to drill deeper into your data.

Reports at a glance

WorkStep Reports are built to make it easier for you to manipulate, understand, and share your employee sentiment data. Today we are launching a new Reports tab in the WorkStep platform that has 4 pre-designed Standard Reports and a custom report builder.



Standard Reports

Our Standard Reports focus on key areas of interest and collect all relevant data from across the WorkStep platform in one place. They are designed to be used either as-is or as a jumping-off point for you to then customize as you wish. Today we offer the following Standard Reports:

  • Executive Summary: a high-level summary of the leading indicators of turnover and engagement in your organization
  • New Hire: an overview of key metrics for employees within their first 180 days of employment
  • Pay & Benefits: a focused report on the Pay and Benefits themes, including favorability, impact on employee turnover, and qualitative mentions of those themes
  • Safety & Physicality: a focused report on the Safety and Physicality themes, including favorability, impact on employee turnover, and qualitative mentions of those themes

Custom Report Builder

Create a report from scratch with any WorkStep data using our custom report builder. Select from different data components, apply filters, and design a report with the exact data you need.

Deep dive into your data

WorkStep Reports are a powerful tool to help you understand your employees’ sentiment. We offer new ways to slice, dice, and compare your data side-by-side, to go deeper and extract new insights. Here we will look at 3 examples of custom reports that let you explore your data in new ways.

1) Create a report for a specific location

Often times, users will see that one specific location is underperforming. By creating a location-specific report, leaders can pull together all of the relevant data for that one location and explore areas of opportunity.


2) Compare eNPS across role types

Certain metrics can be valuable to compare across different populations in your organization. eNPS – or employee Net Promoter Score – is a universally benchmarkable score that can give you a snapshot of how engaged and satisfied your employees‌ are. Comparing eNPS across role types can help you uncover specific populations where your workplace improvement initiatives are working and where they are falling short.


3) Build a theme-specific report across your organization

WorkStep shows you key areas of opportunity for your organization where improvement will impact important business metrics like turnover and productivity. Using Reports to drill down into a specific theme can help you identify with even greater precision where you should focus your efforts. Compare side-by-side favorability on questions related to a specific theme over time, by role, and by location to identify where favorability is lowest in your employee organization.


Share with ease

All WorkStep reports can be exported directly to PowerPoint, making it easy to share your data and insights across your organization. Each data component from your WorkStep report will download as an individual slide. You can then edit text and move, adjust, and resize your data visualizations.


Whether generating out-of-the-box analysis or delving into specific custom reports to pinpoint areas of improvement, WorkStep Reports offer flexibility and depth for you to explore your data and effortless portability to share your insights. The path to unlocking the full potential of workforce sentiment data has never been clearer – dive deep, share widely, and embark on a journey of enhanced organizational performance with WorkStep.

Liz Dellheim

Liz Dellheim, Director of Product Marketing |

Liz leads Product Marketing at WorkStep, where she partners across product development and customer-facing teams to help bring impactful new products and features to WorkStep users. Liz is excited to share about our innovative solutions that address the unique needs of the frontline workforce.