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Boost employee retention: Creating a positive company culture for frontline workers

December 20, 2021

Happy frontline employees with good company culture.

RESOURCES Boost employee retention: Creating a positive company culture for frontline workers

Company culture is the core of any organization. It sets the tone for how employees feel about their workplace and the people they work with. Company culture can make someone happy to come to work everyday, or dread the thought.

So how can executives and management create a positive company culture? By understanding the needs of their employees, and not assuming what those may be. The best way to gather this information is by regularly asking your workforce for their feedback via check-ins, surveys, and 1:1 meetings.

Straight from the workhorse’s mouth

Giving employees a voice by having a platform that allows them to consistently provide anonymous feedback throughout their employment journey is the first step in creating a positive company culture. One-off, annual surveys cannot accurately capture the true sentiments of your employees.

Making employees feel heard is the next step. It’s not enough to simply gather feedback. Management must take action in order to improve the company culture. This cultivates a work environment where employees feel valued and supported.

Think of it in terms of personal relationships. Have you ever had an issue with someone you are close with, and expressed this concern to them? They may have listened to you, but unless they did anything to remedy the situation, it’s unlikely those negative feelings about that person changed. The relationship between an employer and employee is the same.

And playing the guessing game here not only doesn’t often work, it can also cost a company a lot of unnecessary money. When organizations blindly invest in efforts to retain their workforce, it’s unlikely they will see the ROI.

Ready to create a positive company culture that supports employee retention and reduces turnover rates? WorkStep’s employee retention software provides a comprehensive platform for building a more engaged and loyal workforce, with advanced features and insights designed to support your retention strategy and drive positive outcomes.

Whistle while we work

When you feel good about your job and the people you work with, you are far more motivated. A good company culture breeds teamwork and higher productivity. Without it, low employee morale will ripple across an organization and drag down the bottom line.

Whether or not frontline workers have pride in their company has a significant impact on the organization’s brand reputation. If most employees speak negatively about the place they work to friends and family, it can affect how that company is perceived as an employer. And during a time of socially conscious consumers, it can also impact sales of the product.

The best way to get ahead of this is by establishing a positive company culture. WorkStep can help by providing a platform where businesses can gather anonymous employee feedback in real time to take action and make improvements for their workforce.

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Kristina Finn

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