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Build a better company culture with WorkStep RETAIN

November 19, 2021

warehouse worker wearing hard hat talking to supervisor wearing a hard hat in a warehouse

RESOURCES Build a better company culture with WorkStep RETAIN

Have you ever left a job? What motivated you to leave that job? Whether it was because you wanted a higher wage, or better benefits, or didn’t see a path to advance your career, it all boils down to one underlying need: to feel heard by your employer.

People are quitting jobs at a record high this year. In September, 4.4 million people left their jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This high turnover is mainly concentrated with frontline workers, supply chain employees making up a large percentage of them.

warehouse worker wearing hard hat talking to supervisor wearing a hard hat in a warehouse

This new era has been dubbed “The Great Resignation” and companies are scrambling to make sense of it. But with no practices in place to gather regular feedback from employees, understanding the reasons behind this turnover will remain a mystery. And without knowing the motivations for leaving, how can employers make improvements to curb these resignations?

WorkStep’s employee retention software is an essential tool for companies looking to build a better company culture and retain their top talent by providing a comprehensive suite of features and analytics to optimize employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

A shift in employee expectations

The average American spends one third of their life at work – roughly 90,000 hours. So the quality of your job can significantly impact the quality of your life.

The global pandemic caused life to slow down, giving people the space and time to reassess what is important to them. And for those in supply chain industries, other concerns surfaced, such as safety and burnout due to increased demands.

As values shifted, it led many to evaluate their current job situation and determine whether it accommodated those priorities. This changed expectations people had regarding their work, which meant businesses needed to change to meet these expectations in order to keep their employees.

Focusing on building a company culture that aligns with these new expectations will create an environment where workers want to stay and thrive.

But how can employers learn what their workforce values to implement improvements to the work environment?

Building a better company culture, check-in by check-in

Feeling you have a voice to impact change within an organization or for yourself can significantly improve satisfaction. Companies that empower employees to give feedback and take action on that feedback see less turnover, which ultimately builds a better company culture.

Improving company culture leads to a better reputation for an organization, which helps attract quality candidates who intend to stay for the long-run.

WorkStep RETAIN is the leading workforce retention software solution that provides supply chain organizations with a tool to communicate with their frontline workforce to gather real-time anonymous feedback. Check-ins are sent at key milestones, allowing workers to share their experience with the company. These insights are immediately surfaced to the right leaders enabling them to take action and make improvements.

The data from these check-ins allow companies to look at individual feedback as well as measure trends across the organization. It can also be broken down by role or facility. Having this information not only helps companies make immediate improvements, but also allows them to create a better company culture that supports the needs of their frontline workforce.

To learn more about WorkStep RETAIN and how we can help build a better company culture for your organization contact us today.

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