Alpine Food


150+ team members in a cold storage facility

Recruiting challenged by facility temperature

Roles to fill include: Warehouse Associate, Yard Hostler and Janitor


60+ hires placed in first year of partnership

50+% retention on new hires in first year

100% of non-exempt roles hired through WorkStep


“WorkStep is a recruiting platform that does a lot of the legwork for us, and, unlike other solutions, you’re only paying for retention, so you know you’re getting good value.”

Sheri Doerfler – HR Manager

Leader in redistribution and 3PL services

Alpine Foods has been a leader in food redistribution and 3PL services for the West Coast for over 35 years. Today, they are headquartered in Milwaukie, Oregon in a state-of-the-art facility with 500,000 ft2 of warehouse, while maintaining sales offices in Oregon, Washington and California, and distributing to nine different states.

The company now has over 150 employees, though they continue to be a family-owned business. Jobs within the facility include warehouse associate, yard hostler, CDL driver and janitor.

Engaging with WorkStep

Before WorkStep, Alpine’s HR team of two pieced together a recruitment solution that involved nearly every job board in town. This strategy was time-intensive, and meant that the majority of the team’s workday was spent making posts, triaging applications, and scheduling interviews—time that could have been spent working on more strategic parts of the job, like developing current employees.

What attracted Alpine to WorkStep was the pay-for-success pricing model. Job boards typically have a cost per-post or per-click with no guarantee of success. With WorkStep, employers only pay for hires who are retained and this model was attractive enough for them to give the new technology company a shot.

Once the two companies began working together, Alpine Foods found that WorkStep was able to fill all of their non-exempt labor needs, and save time and money in the process. At peak need, they were able to hire 8 associates per month from WorkStep, and the time saved from not managing multiple job boards could be re-allocated to employee retention initiatives.

Future Plans

After the initial success of the Alpine Foods—WorkStep partnership, Alpine Foods introduced WorkStep to their sister brand, Alpine Carriers, which has now also seen success hiring from the WorkStep candidate network. With WorkStep filling all hiring needs within the family of companies, the next step, if any, will be to discover what other people-related opportunities WorkStep can leverage technology to help the team tackle.

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