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Transition off temp labor with one hiring solution across all facilities

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RESOURCES Customer Story: Builders FirstSource


Over 430 locations nationwide

Recruiting focus on candidates with a background in construction & materials

Roles to fill include: Boom/Crane Operators, Material Handlers and Sawyers


4 direct hires placed per month per metro area at outset of the partnership

0% turnover of WorkStep placements through first 3 months

100% of non-exempt roles sourced primarily through WorkStep

“Our production managers have really enjoyed reviewing and interviewing the WorkStep candidates. It’s been a hugely positive change from having a temp agency.”

Vonn Lindersmith – General Manager

The leader in building products

Builders FirstSource (BFS) is the nation’s largest supplier of building products and prefabricated components for residential construction. BFS employs more than 14,000 associates at over 430 locations, serves 74 of the top 100 metropolitan areas, and did over $7 billion in sales last year.

The company employs hundreds spread out across 6 pilot locations, which are mostly lumber yards and production facilities. Jobs within the organization include everything from general labor to highly specialized crane operators.

Engaging with WorkStep

In the initial partnership market, BFS had historically been reliant on temp staffing for entry-level roles, and had challenges using job boards to fill more specialized and driver openings. Over a couple weeks, the team at WorkStep engaged with the area management and general manager teams, growing to understand their unique hiring challenges.

To mitigate risk on both sides, WorkStep and BFS began by focusing on a couple roles (Sawyers and Class A Drivers) at a single facility. Within a few weeks, a great-fit candidate from the WorkStep network had been placed for each, and the conversation became how best to deepen the partnership.

Over the next few months, the partnership expanded to serve all non-exempt roles at all BFS facilities within the initial pilot region. General managers and hiring managers at each new location were happy to welcome a technology-based direct hire solution as a replacement for temps and job boards.

Partnership growth

After the success of the partnership in its pilot market, the natural next question was where and how else WorkStep can be helpful to BFS. To date, the two teams have worked together across over 7 states.