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The future of frontline employee engagement is Bright™

August 15, 2023

RESOURCES The future of frontline employee engagement is Bright™

Collecting feedback is hard. Getting insights from it is harder.

It’s no secret that collecting and analyzing employee feedback is a difficult task. It takes time, resources, and expertise to get the insights you need to drive meaningful change in the workplace. Even after you’ve set up a system and built trust with your employees that they can speak freely and confidentially in their surveys, sometimes their responses still lack the specific information you need to make impactful decisions.

This means you need to spend time trying to get more details from your employees or that you have to work with vague or incomplete feedback. Another challenge is analyzing large volumes of feedback from your employees. Even with the highest quality responses from your workforce, employers need to take the time to read through all responses and then analyze them in order to make decisions about how to improve their workplace environment.

This requires a lot of manual work as employers must read through each individual response and extract meaningful insights. Additionally, many traditional sentiment analysis tools are inadequate when it comes to accurately understanding context behind employee comments, which makes it very difficult for employers to interpret and act on employee feedback in an effective way.

We’re here to help. At WorkStep the future of frontline employee engagement is Bright™ – one where employers have access to powerful insights into their employees’ experiences enabling them to make proactive changes within their organizations to create better working conditions for everyone involved.  With AI-powered follow-up questions in survey flow and advanced Comment Analysis features, employers can now get more actionable information from their employees’ survey responses, explore trends in employee sentiment, analyze open text responses at scale to uncover actions that will make a difference.

Let’s take a look at a few practical, real examples of how these features can help employers gain valuable insights and make meaningful changes in their workplace.

1. Get more actionable information from your employees’ survey responses

One of the most important benefits that WorkStep’s AI-powered features bring to employers is the ability to get more actionable information from employee survey responses. With AI-powered follow-up questions in survey flow, employees who leave short and vague comments receive a more targeted questions based on their initial response. This allows employers to quickly extract more valuable insights from their employee feedback. For example, an employer repeatedly gets comments from employees about wanting better benefits, however, very rarely do employees specify what benefits they actually want. This means that employers are left guessing, or they have to do a lot of manual work to try to get more detailed information.

Now with Bright™ Prompts, WorkStep automatically will ask a single follow-up question directly in the survey to help you get the information you really need.

3. Analyze open text responses at scale

Feedback is a gift but it can also be overwhelming. Open text responses provide invaluable insight into employee feedback in a way that traditional survey questions often cannot. WorkStep’s advanced Comment Analysis features give employers the power to analyze open text responses at scale and quickly identify any patterns or trends in the data.

These tools enable employers to focus on the most important insights and take actionable steps to improve the overall work environment. Want to understand what your employees are saying about surveillance? Drill into specific comments, explore other related terms like camera, CCTV, and cab cam, and understand sentiment and frequency across your workforce as a whole or segment by attributes like specific role or location.

Identify patterns in employee feedback over time, track how employees feel about certain topics or initiatives, and make decisions that are informed by actual employee sentiment. These tools from WorkStep make it easier than ever for employers to get quality feedback from their employees, analyze it in real time, and take the right actions that will lead to measurable business outcomes.

This technology gives employers unprecedented insight into their workforce’s needs and desires so they can create an environment where everyone wins.

Powerful tools to listen and engage with Bright™ AI

The future of frontline employee engagement is Bright™ with this suite of new AI-powered features from WorkStep. Ready to get started? Book a demo of WorkStep today.

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Liz Dellheim

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