1500+ team members spread out across 2 dozen locations

Recruiting focus on candidates with previous woodworking experience

Roles to fill include: Assemblers, Sawyers, and CDL Drivers


5 direct hires placed per month per facility at outset of partnership

85% retention on placements made

100% of key non-exempt roles in supported facilities sourced primarily through WorkStep


“WorkStep has been a great sourcing tool for us. Historically, most of our workforce has come from temp agencies and have had varying work ethic and commitment levels. I’ve found our WorkStep hires are hardworking and eager to learn.”

Abby Smith – HR Specialist

The Leader in Packaging & Crating

Tranpak has over 60 years of industry experience and is an undisputed global leader in packaging and crating. End-to-end solutions are custom-fit to client needs, and can be delivered nearly on-demand. The packaging solution developed in Silicon Valley is the same one delivered in Asia, Mexico, and Europe.

At the initial partnership location, the company employs approximately 150 workers in its production and storage facility. Jobs within the operation include assemblers, sawyers, drivers, and production supervisors.

Engaging with WorkStep

Historically, Transpak has been reliant on temp staffing for almost their entire workforce. Not only was this expensive, but it also led to low worker quality and high turnover, which—due to the nature of the work—resulted in safety concerns.

WorkStep engaged with Kim Smith, VP of Human Resources at Transpak, and her team to understand their roles, challenges, and motivations for re-gaining control of their nonexempt workforce. The two teams developed a strategy and gameplan to achieve the desired outcome. On the Transpak side, they built out role descriptions and hiring processes, while WorkStep engaged a pipeline of qualified and interested candidates from their network. Over the coming months, WorkStep and Transpak successfully executed against their plan in tandem. WorkStep was able to provide skilled candidates for the full suite of open roles up through Production Supervisor, and Transpak has benefitted from the cost and quality improvements expected by moving toward a direct hire workforce.

Partnership Growth

After the partnership between the two companies proved successful in their initial partnership markets, there was significant interest in deploying the WorkStep solution nationwide.

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